Tuesday, February 10, 2009


For the last three days the weather guy down here has been warning us of possible severe thunderstorms starting as early as Monday lasting till tomorrow (Wednesday) night. The storm they were talk about, finally passed over us about half an hour ago. It was a nasty storm and its still heading west. It took a whole 20 minutes for it to pass over us. Gave me a taste of whats to come for this spring. Reminds me how much I hate tornadoes. The one thing in weather I truly am scared of. I grew up with blizzards, ice storms, loss of power for days, but the thought of a tornado rattles me.
The fear does give me awesome fuel for stories though. Always an upside to most bad things in some form. There's nasty weather scattered all over today. The Weather Channel is in their element for sure. Winter weather in the north, spring/summer fun in the south. The rain here did cool things down. If I had to go out, I'd grab a light jacket. Earlier, before the rain, I got sweaty in a t-shirt.
I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, and this time I'm going to remember to grab my binder of stuff to-do. I always forget it, and the doctor is always running behind. I'll bring it this time, and the doctor will be on time, just to mess with me. hehe.
I hope none of you are getting thrashed around by this weather.

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  1. Glad you were safe in the tornado. I've been through a few of those myself- and I agree Blizzards are better. Cheers!